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Pink Sofa

hi, i'm molly

Thanks for stopping by! If you've made it this far, you must be curious,

"Who the heck is this chick and what does she really do?"


I'm first and foremost the mom of two daughters and wife to my wonderful husband of 18 years. I opened Home Style in Mason City, Iowa in 2019 after many years as a "lifelong creative."

Until 2020, I spent my entire professional career in corporate marketing and bulk of my "free time" (is there such a thing as a middle-aged woman with two busy kids and a career?) - loving design. Art. Fashion. I am a dreamer and a do-er. For that very reason I went back to college in my thirties to complete a residential interior design program, finishing exactly two weeks before my oldest daughter was born. And then, as all of you mommas know - life got really busy. 

Instead of pivoting careers, my home improvement fantasies came to life through the extensive work my husband and have done in the homes we have lived in. I'm the brains (or he might argue, idea person) - he is the muscle. And the electrician, drywaller (though I have hung my share of drywall!), plumber, and all things spreadsheety/critical math-like. Egh.

In 2019, I decided to create space for this work in my life again, opening Home Style, side-hustling projects and reconnecting with my love of design. Nine months later (yes, it really was like having a baby!), I left my comfortable career behind to pursue this business full-time. I knew that I had a gift, and I knew I could help people with it. And above all of that, I just really wanted to be an example to my own girls about having courage. Taking chances. Having faith. Doing the thing even when you are scared to death with knees shaking. Leaving behind my very stable career and starting this business is that thing for me. 

I have always been able to see the possibilities that exist - and I know that every home can be more functional, more beautiful, more you. It just takes some patience and someone to help you see the potential. Together, we can create amazing home style! 

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